‘Stop the Steal’ Organizer Ali Alexander: ‘Inspiration From Others Revived Me’

December 13, 2020 Updated: December 14, 2020

An organizer of the Stop the Steal movement, Ali Alexander, says that he returned to the movement because others have inspired him.

After Election Day, Alexander went to brunch with a group of people. Two asked about Trump’s campaign.

“And they said, ‘Ali, if you could change the world, or save the world, and you had that opportunity to do it, why wouldn’t you?’ And I felt this rush of conviction. You know, because I’m a Christian, I felt this rush of conviction,” Alexander told Jan Jekielek, the host of The Epoch Times’ American Thought Leaders program.

After the brunch, he started to call around and set up a website and other infrastructure for information collection and dissemination. He got help from famous social media influencers and “party faithful.” They all wanted to motivate people.

Conservative groups came to participate too, all he had to do was to coordinate.

“We were in the first night, Wednesday night. So the day after the election, we were in three states with about 250 or so people,” he said. “On Thursday, we had about 500 people in five states. On Friday, I believe we were about 1,500, in five or six states. And on Saturday, we were in all 50 state capitals at noon, their local time with 30,250 people.”

Although corporate media portrayed the Stop the Steal movement as a right-wing conspiracy theory, Alexander thinks the movement is filling the gap between the media and the 47 percent of Americans who feel they are not represented and believe that the election was rigged or had irregularities.

“So that information would not disseminate to the American public without Stop the Steal,” said Alexander.

Alexander also said Stop the Steal is filling the political gap between the Trump Campaign and the people, and that having so many American people taking to the street would encourage Trump to stay in the race.

“It’s not just about [Trump’s] candidacy. It’s about our votes, the integrity of the election, and getting to the root of some of these problems so that future elections are made more secure,” he said.

Alexander said the Stop the Steal movement has set up peaceful protests in all 50 states each weekend, motivating about 300,000 people weeks ago to march in Washington.

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