Stolen Giant Mango in Bowen, Australia, Actually a Hoax by Nando’s

February 26, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A giant mango that was “stolen” earlier this week was revealed to be a hoax from Nando’s as a publicity stunt.

Nando’s, a chicken restaurant chain, said it was behind the ruse. The giant mango disappeared from Bowen, in northern Queensland.

The statue, which weighed 10 tons, was missing Monday from the tourist information center.

Bowen’s town center sent out footage of the alleged theft, but no police report was made of the incident.

A caller named Bob talked to the ABC and said he found the mango behind the town’s information center.

“There’s an old road that leads up into the scrub from the back of the information centre,” he said, according to the Guardian. “What they’ve done is put it on a truck and taken it up there and laid it on its side in the bush, and at the end that’s facing towards Bowen they’ve covered it up with tree branches and shade cloths so nobody can see it.”

Nando’s then said that it was behind the whole thing and uploaded a video to YouTube.

According to local reports, Nando’s was trying to promote a new dish in the stunt.