Steven Ciccone Hailed as Hero After Helping Others Post-Metro North Crash

December 2, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Steven Ciccone, a famous pastry chef, is being hailed as a hero after helping others after the Metro North train crashed in New York on Sunday.

The crash killed four and injured over 60 others, authorities said.

One of the things Ciccone did after the crash was rush to help other passengers. For instance, he went over to Dr. Denise Williams, who had a fractured spine, and asked her what was wrong. 

“She asked, ‘You know, could you do something for my head? Could you make it more comfortable?’” he said. “I was crocheting a scarf and I had a ball of yarn, so I used the ball of yarn to support underneath her neck like a pillow.”

Williams’ family said Ciccone did a lot more.

“I think he’s a hero, and not only that — he was trying to get in touch with everybody once he got to the hospital,” a Williams relative told CBS. “He was just roaming the emergency room.”

Ciccone, a Portsmouth native, was also injured but to a lesser extent.

“I could have been someone that lost their life. I could be someone having spinal surgery,” said Ciccone to WVEC. “Yes, I have ailments and injuries. Yes, I’m in pain. Yes, I’m uncomfortable, but physicians are working very well to fix what’s wrong with me or to make me more comfortable.”

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