Steve Irwin Death: Crocodile Hunter’s Death 8 Years Ago on Thursday

September 4, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Steve Irwin, the “Crocodile Hunter,” died eight years ago on Thursday.

Fans were mourning his death on Twitter and social media websites.

“Can’t believe its been 8 years since Steve Irwin died, use to love that guy! rip :(,” one person wrote.

Added another: “Wow! Still can’t believe he’s dead. You are missed Steve Irwin.”

“8 years ago since Steve Irwin died, that is absolutely crazy!” said another.

Irwin, who was 44 when he died, was killed while he was snorkelling at the Bait Reef in Queensland, Australia.

He was filming a documentary, “Ocean’s Deadliest,” when he was stung by a stingray.

The stingray apparently stung him several times and hit his heart, killing him.