Steelers LB Ryan Shazier Starts Rehab After Scary Injury

December 14, 2017 Updated: December 14, 2017

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier, who was hospitalized after suffering a scary injury earlier this month during a game, was placed on injured reserve, effectively ending his season.

NBC reported Thursday, Dec. 14, that he’s now starting his physical rehabilitation. It comes after he had spinal stabilization surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center about one week ago.

“Ryan Shazier remains hospitalized at UPMC recovering from the spinal stabilization surgery performed last week by UMPC neurosurgeons and Steelers team physicians Drs. David Okonkwo and Joseph Maroon. Mr. Shazier has started physical rehabilitation as part of his recovery process,” reads a statement from the medical team on Thursday, according to NBC.

Shazier went down in the first quarter of the Steelers game against the Cincinnati Bengals last week. He appeared to grab his back before he was put on a board and carted off the field.

According to a recent ESPN report, Shazier has continued to show improvement.

Last week, there were dire reports about Shazier’s condition, with some speculating that he may never play football again.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin dedicated Sunday’s win over the Baltimore Ravens to Shazier.

“Just his spirit — I go see him, man, he wants to talk about the game plan,” Tomlin said. “He wants to talk about how the guys are doing. He wants to talk specifically about what’s transpiring in practice settings and so forth. That’s Ryan,” he said of Shazier, according to an ESPN report.

“I’m going to let our statement speak for us in regards to that, regarding his medical status and things of that nature or moods relative to that,” Tomlin added. “I just think the cleanest way to continue to address this matter is to do so in a very formal matter. That way, no words are misunderstood or nothing’s misleading in terms of our description of where he is.”



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