Stay Inside and Off the Roads Tonight, Wind Chill to Hit -10

Expect schools to be be open
By Nicholas Zifcak, Epoch Times
January 2, 2014 Updated: January 3, 2014

NEW YORK—Stay inside tonight as much possible during the storm recommends Mayor Bill de Blasio, who spoke to the press at the Office of Emergency Management Thursday evening.

Five to nine inches of snow are expected between Thursday night and Friday 1pm.

“This can change at any moment,” said de Blasio.

Wind chill is expected to be negative 10 degrees with winds of 15- 25 miles per hour gusting to 35 miles per hour.

Expect public schools to be in session Friday said the mayor. A assessment will be made early Friday morning based on  conditions.

Wind will be strong and snow will be dry, so expect to to blown back into the street even after the streets are plowed said Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty.

“A lot of people expect to see blacktop in New York all the time, it’s not going to happen tonight,” said Doherty. De Blasio asked that people stay off the roads as much as possible to let salt trucks and snow plows do their work.

Alternate side parking is suspended Friday as well, so don’t worry about moving your car if it is legally parked already.

NYPD will be out with tow trucks to assist those in their cars that get stuck.

Subway service will continue, but expect delays on elevated lines. Express service will end early and subway cars will be parked on express lines to keep them out of the snow.

Fewer buses will be on the road after rush hour when articulated buses (the longer buses with accordion joints) will be taken off the road.

Progress of the 1,700 snow plow trucks clearing the streets can be tracked at’s plow tracker.

Public school field trips and after school programs are cancelled. At present not enough is known to make a decision about Friday school closure said de Blasio. A lot will go into that decsion de Blasio explained as it will affect the city’s 1.1 million students.