State Putting Concrete Barriers at Site of Bronx River Highway Crash

May 3, 2012 Updated: July 16, 2012

NEW YORK—Concrete barriers are being installed in the area of the Bronx River Parkway where a car crash claimed the lives of seven family members this past Sunday, announced the state Department of Transportation.

The barriers will be put along the outside (right hand) of the north and southbound lanes along the travel lane on the viaduct over the Bronx Zoo where the crash occurred, according to the DOT.

Concrete barriers will also be installed on two similar viaducts that cross over East Tremont Avenue and Amtrak.

An SUV went over the side of the road, crashing below, prompting criticism of guardrail safety from elected officials and the American Automobile Association’s New York City branch.

These barriers are temporary while more permanent safety measures may be put in place in the future. During construction, the speed limit is now 35 mph in the area.

“We believe that these improvements will enhance safety and help prevent future tragic crashes until more permanent improvements can be made,” said a spokesperson for AAA New York in a statement.

Maria Gonzalez and her sister, Maria Nunez, both employees of Fordham University, and five of their family members perished in the crash. The university has set up a fund on behalf of the two families. Any questions about the fund should be directed to the office of the president at (718) 817-3000.

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