Star Fox Project for Wii U Revealed at E3; Previewed in ‘Secret’ Gameplay Trailer

June 16, 2014 Updated: June 16, 2014

A new Star Fox game was announced at E3 and previewed in a “secret” trailer.

It’s termed secret because the new gameplay mode for the upcoming game was actually labeled “Project Guard.”

“Nintendo snuck in a preview of what might be a new gameplay mode forthcoming Star Fox for Wii U under the name ‘Project Guard,'” according to Nerdy Show.

“While they didn’t show off the new Star Fox at E3 this year; they did showcase two tech demos being worked on by Shigeru Miyamoto – one of which featured a cleverly hidden Star For Team logo. See the preview and hear what Cap thinks this Easter Egg could indicate.”

The new game will include an optional co-op mode in which one player commands an Arwing and the other play shoots from it.

The new gameplay hinges on the GamePad screen from Wii U, according to Miyamoto. He told reporters, according to Kotaku, that e hoped that people would enjoy being able to use the GamePad’s motion sensor to look around and shoot in any direction from the cockpit while flying independently, using the GamePad’s control sticks, as displayed on the TV screen.

“To me, what’s most important is probably the gyro sensor in the GamePad,” he said. “It’s a little bit hard to understand, but when you’re looking in that third-person view, you can see what’s happening straight ahead of you, but when you have the cockpit view, you actually have to look over and see what’s to either side,” he said.

“The third-person view of the entire area, what it does, it gives you a broader view of what is happening around you, certainly more than you can see when you’re in that cockpit view. And so as we get deeper into the missions of the game, we’ll be able to use that to give people reasons to take advantage of that. So, for example, if they’re in a course or a level they may need to figure out where the exit is, so they’ll have to be flying around, looking up and around to find that.”

Miyamoto also told reporters that it will take time to adjust to the gameplay.

The demo also featured a ride in a slower-moving aircraft similar to a quadcopter, reported USA Today.

Miyamoto says that Nintendo plans on completing the game “within a year.” 

“I wanted to motivate ourselves to complete the game as quickly as possible,” says Miyamoto of the early Star Fox reveal at E3. “So we decided to bring it here to E3 and announce it to give us that motivation.”


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