Stan Lee Rushed to Hospital After Experiencing Irregular Heartbeat, Trouble Breathing

February 2, 2018 Updated: February 2, 2018

Stan Lee has been rushed to the hospital after having trouble breathing.

The comic book legend was also experiencing an irregular heartbeat.

Sources close to the 95-year-old told TMZ that he fell ill at home and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai on Wednesday night, Jan. 31.

A spokesperson for Lee told the outlet on Thursday night that Lee “is doing well and feeling good.”

“He is staying there for a few days for some check-ups as a safety precaution,” the spokesperson said.

However, Lee himself spoke later to ABC and said he was feeling fine and already returned home.

“All I really want to do is tell you that I’m feeling great,” Lee told the broadcaster via Skype.

“I’m glad I spent that evening in the hospital. It did me a lot of good. It probably did my fans a lot of good. It kept me off their backs for the evening. But I’m feeling good now and I can’t wait to get in there and tangle with all the competition.”

Lee is famous for creating or co-creating many iconic comic-book characters such as the Hulk, Spider-Man, and the X-Men.

Lee has been involved in the numerous Marvel movies and television shows that include many of the characters and made personal cameos in all of the films.

However, as he has gotten older, health issues have prevented him from attending all the events he has wanted to and cancellations have become more frequent.

Lee is taken care of multiple nurses now at his home.



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