“Spider-man” Surprises Over 400 Kinds In Heartwarming Video

April 28, 2019 Updated: April 28, 2019

In the heartwarming video, watch as a man dresses in a movie costume and muscle suit, as Spider-man, and surprises over 400 children at an outdoor gathering.

The Spiderman costume is remarkably real. Out and about, kids are slowly walking by the Spider-man look alike at the outdoor gathering, remarking out loud that they see something in the corner or lurking in the shadows. With little warning, he begins climbing and scaling objects nearby as kids chat his name.

After climbing, he walks through the crowd of over 400 children, shaking hands and greeting them as he makes his way over to a podium with superhero themed music playing in the background. The kids look on and eventually join him on stage to dance, waiting patiently for a chance to get a picture with their favorite superhero.

Few of the kids can believe their eyes and are excited to see Spider-man has turned up, seemingly in-person, at the outdoor gathering. Some pose and flash a thumbs-up to the camera, while others have him sign shirts or hats to remember the occasion.

Regardless of your favorite superhero, watch this heartwarming video as children meet their favorite, all caught on video.

Video Credit: SpideyPlanet | YouTube