Special-Needs Pup Once the Size of Coke Can Is Now a ‘Sassy Little Guy’ After Foster Care

By Daniel Cameron, Epoch Times
March 21, 2019 Updated: March 26, 2019

It wasn’t all that optimistic for a Coke can-sized bulldog pup that was meant to be a lot bigger for its breed.

Despite the odds, bulldog-loving Brit Nikki Carvey, founder of Road Dogs & Rescue, took on the challenge to foster the wee pup, named Quarrie, and prepare him for his next stage in life—adoption into a loving forever home. But that was easier said than done.

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“He was pretty malnourished, very runtish, Carvey told The Dodo. “It was really like … this guy is so tiny. Is he actually even going to live?’”

Moreover, Quarrie’s hind leg muscles were not functioning properly, causing his legs to hyperextend.

“It’s almost like his muscle doesn’t even know that it can bend. I hated seeing him struggle, not being able to walk properly. So we started some rehab with him by taping them [his legs] to gradually get him to bring his legs in and be able to walk.”

Although the temperamental little Quarrie wasn’t all that keen with his leg-taping procedure, it only took days before improvement made itself apparent and he was already walking a lot steadier. Before, he was rather wobbly and would drag his paws about.

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Once the vest-pocket pup began to walk on all four paws with increasing ease, he was taken for swimming lessons. Judging from the footage in a clip produced by the Dodo, Quarrie has no problems doggie paddling. Those front legs can be seen furiously working like a little water turbine.

Bit by bit, the teeny English bulldog developed soundly. The dog was like a young plant stalk that had been growing slightly askew, but Carvey managed to correct and guide the dog’s continuous growth in a healthy manner.

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Despite Quarrie’s miniature size, he’s got a “huge” personality that he isn’t shy about making known. He’s very vocal in fact! If he doesn’t eat on time, he’ll make sure everyone is promptly alerted to this inconvenient fact. If he doesn’t approve of something, he’ll sound off with a series of yappy barks too.

He’s like “a male diva,” jokes Carvey.

The clip depicting Quarrie’s journey was published in October 2018, and at the end of it, we learn that the pup’s legs are much better now; he’s almost walking normally.

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To have been there to help Quarrie through his difficult start to life, to become the now healthy and happy pup we see today, is “the good side of rescue,” says Carvey.

Though there’s no news on whether Quarrie has been adopted yet, it looks like both Carvey and Quarrie aren’t in a hurry for that next stage. Perhaps this is one canine companion that’ll be a tough one to say goodbye to when the time comes.

Watch the video below:

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