Special Education Teacher Hits, Kicks Boy in Class: Video

June 24, 2019 Updated: September 7, 2019

A special education teacher was caught on camera beating and kicking a student, claiming that he stole her cellphone, according to The Beijing News. The teacher was suspended from her position.

The conflict broke out in Ningde City, Fujian Province, China on June 3, and was later reported on June 12. According to an education official, the conflict began after the teacher asked the boy to clean up food crumbs near his desk, and he ignored her.

The names of the teacher and the student were not disclosed to the public.

According to an interview with The Beijing News, the Vice-Secretary for the Ningde Ministry of Education, named Zheng Jian, said that the boy who fought with the teacher has mental disabilities. The fight started after another student told on him.

The boy had left cookie crumbs on his desk, and the teacher asked him to clean up the crumbs, Zheng told The Beijing News. However, the boy ignored the teacher.

“The teacher kicked the bottom of the boy’s desk, then the boy dropped down to the ground, rolling around shouting ‘you hit me!'” Zheng told The Beijing News.

The boy got up and then hit the teacher, and ran to the front desk and knocked her things onto the ground. Then another student started filming the incident.

The video starts with a boy in a checkered shirt holding the boy who hit the teacher. Zheng said that the student was trying to stop the boy from acting out.

The female teacher in a yellow shirt and white pants begins yelling at the boy about stealing her cellphone. The boy wails loudly as she beats on the front desk with a paperback book.

The boy charges forward towards her, and she kicks him in the pelvis, knocking him to the ground and onto the metal door.

The student quickly gets up, wailing loudly, and charges toward her once more. She kicks him several more times, yelling, “Don’t touch my things!”

She kicks him down to the ground once more at the threshold on the door, as she carries away a backpack.

The teacher later tried to pack up her stuff, and the boy in gray takes a book away from one of the desks in front. She starts hitting him with an umbrella.

Later, she throws a chair at the boy’s feet.

After the report came out, the teacher was suspended from her job.

No information was given if the child suffered injuries.