Hundreds of Thousands in Spain Protest Gaza Attacks

January 14, 2009 Updated: January 14, 2009

MADRID—The lowest temperatures of Spain’s winter last weekend, Jan. 10-11, were unable to prevent hundreds of thousands from taking to the streets to express their discontent with Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

Protests have taken place in more than dozen Spanish cities, with 100,000 participating in Barcelona and 250,000 in Madrid, according to organizers.

Personalities from artistic and political circles have made appearances, calling for Israel to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza. Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has demanded a cease-fire from the Israeli government, and said negotiations are the only path for peace in the region.

Israel currently ceases bombing Gaza for three hours every day, to allow passage and administration of humanitarian aid, and is conducting indirect negotiation with Hamas through Egypt.