South Korea Will Hold Real Estate and Investment Expo

January 28, 2015 Updated: January 28, 2015

To cope with the recent wave of real estate and business investment migration in South Korea, the “E-Invest Korea 2015 Real Estate Investment and Migration Expo” will be held in the Incheon Songdo International Exhibition Centre from Jan. 31 to Feb. 1.

Unique geographical advantages, low housing prices, and the implementation of business investment migration policies since South Korean President Park Geun-hye took office have all contributed to the rapid growth of real estate investment migration in the country.

The Expo will be organised by the South Korea branch of Epoch Times. It has received an immediate response from the Chinese and local communities.

In less than two weeks, at least 23 South Korean real estate companies have enrolled to participate in the exhibition. With the help of mainstream media reports, it is estimated that at least 40 real estate companies will attend.

The Expo will provide an opportunity for those who are interested in investment or migration to South Korea to learn more details. A few aspects in particular have caught investors’ eyes:

Low Cost, High Returns

During the Expo, investors will have the chance to select properties with good locations, low prices, and high appreciation potential. Due to cash flow shortage and other reasons, some large South Korean real estate companies will sell stock at very low prices during the Expo. This type of information is usually difficult to obtain.

Last November, Chinese businessman Mr. Lee attended the Chinese investment migration briefings that were co-sponsored by Epoch Times. He found a good opportunity and invested 700 million South Korean won (US $647,500) in Incheon Yeongjong-do for two sets of 142-square-meter residential apartments, which also won him the investment migration status.

According to Mr. Lee, the properties’ price is at least 50 percent cheaper than in the surrounding areas, even lower than in Beijing and Shanghai, and it is estimated that the price will increase very quickly. It is almost impossible to get this kind of information without attending the briefings.

Hong Kong real estate agent director Dora Hui-Huang has been in the properties agency business for 20 years. With the help of Epoch Times, she spent 6 billion won (US $5,550,000) on land in Yeongjong-do.

“South Korea’s real estate market has experienced a downturn in the past eight years, and now the market is beginning to bounce back,” Hui-Huang said.

She bought the land without hesitation, since the land prices in Yeongjong-do are very low.

During the coming Expo, more valuation information on property appreciation potentials will be released to the participants.

One-Stop Service

Another feature of the exhibition is one-stop service, meaning there will be simultaneous translation, advice from banking and legal professionals, on-the-spot viewing of investment properties, and signing of contracts. This will be safe, reliable, and time-saving.

During the Expo, interested clients will have the opportunity to talk directly to property sellers without intermediaries, thus avoiding intermediary charges. Overseas real estate purchasers will enjoy the same rights and legal protection as local residents.

Simple Visa Application

For Chinese businessmen who participate in the Expo, South Korea’s Han Legal will take care of their visa applications.

The applications will take a very short time, and there will be no need for financial guarantees or other procedures. This will make it easier and faster to obtain visas and will save agency fees.

Bank Guarantee Facility

During the Expo, overseas investors can apply for Cash Management Agreement with Woori Bank, which will set up a booth at the Expo. The purpose is to open investment migration fund accounts under their personal names.

This bank guarantee facility will make their funds more secure. In the case a sales or purchase contract is breached, Woori bank will play the role of fund protection to avoid any asset losses.

Hotel Discount

The new five-star Oakwood Premier Hotel is only 100 meters away from the exhibition site. To support the Expo, the hotel will provide special accommodation discounts of 50 percent to those who attend the Expo.

Korean Products

In addition to various real estate and investment migration projects, at least 10 Korean merchandise companies want to attend the Expo. Tourists who love Korean goods will be able to buy a variety of Korean products, and acute investors may want to act as overseas agents for Korean goods.

Epoch Times’ main reason for hosting the Expo is to bridge a platform for businesses to build mutual contacts, explore new business opportunities, and find suitable business partners. Another purpose is to help Chinese businesses and guests who intend to invest in South Korea to overcome the language barrier and choose a safe and appropriate investment project for immigration purposes.

Translated by Susan Wang. Written in English by Sally Appert