South Korea Will ‘Eliminate’ Kim Jong-Un, Says Defense Minister

September 23, 2016 Updated: September 23, 2016

South Korean government officials have set forth a plan to protect its nation from North Korea’s nuclear threats.

Defense Minister Han Min-koo revealed on Sept. 21, that the Asian nation will kill North Korea Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un if a threat arises against its citizens.

“If it becomes clear the enemy is moving to attack the South with nuclear missiles, in order to suppress its aims, the concept [of the special forces] is to destroy key figures and areas that include the North Korean leadership,” Han said during the parliament meeting, according to the Korea Times.

North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test on Sept. 9, which was denounced by President Barack Obama.

“The United States condemns North Korea’s September 9 nuclear test in the strongest possible terms as a grave threat to regional security and to international peace and stability,” Obama said in a statement. “Today’s nuclear test, a flagrant violation of multiple UN Security Council Resolutions, makes clear North Korea’s disregard for international norms and standards for behavior and demonstrates it has no interest in being a responsible member of the international community.”

In response to North Korea’s fifth nuclear test, South Korea launched a plan entitled “Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation” (KMPR). The main objective of the plan is to target government officials and military headquarters with a preemptive strike of precise and simultaneous missile attacks, said the newspaper.

North Korea responded to the news of South Korea’s potential plans to eliminate its leader with threats of its own. North Korea threatened to “completely reduce Seoul to ashes” and said it is “fully ready to mercilessly strike” the United States.

“US imperialists and the Park Geun Hye group of traitors should not forget even [for] a moment that our revolutionary armed forces are ready to fight a decisive battle to thoroughly foil the reckless military moves for… a preemptive strike at the North,” a spokesperson for the Korean People’s Army said, reported IBT Times.

“Time will prove what disastrous consequences will be entailed by the reckless remarks made by such half-wits as Park Geun Hye and Han Min-koo.”

On Sept. 13, the U.S. Air Force flew two US B-1B bombers perilously close to the demilitarized zone that separates North and South Korea. One of the bombers landed at Osan Air Base Pyeongtaek, located roughly 25 miles from Seoul. North Korea said such actions would serve as a pretext for war on the Korean Peninsula.

Lieutenant General Thomas W. Bergeson said, the United States were standing by its South Korean ally.

“The bond between the United States and the Republic of Korea is ironclad and the strength of that commitment will not be shaken by North Korea’s aggressive behavior,” said Bergeson, the commander of the 7th Air Force, reported The Diplomat.

“What we are showing today is just one tool we have to choose from a wide array of options. The alliance grows stronger every day and we remain prepared to defend and to preserve the security of the Korean Peninsula and the region.”