South Carolina Man Who Wanted to ‘Cannibalize’ a Child Is Let Out of Jail

March 7, 2018 Updated: March 7, 2018

A South Carolina man who police said wanted to “cannibalize” a child has been released from jail on bond.

Justin Bensing, 36, of Myrtle Beach was arrested during a roundup of dozens of accused child predators and sex traffickers last week.

Bensing said in messages sent online that he wanted to “cannibalize” a teenager he was talking to.

However, the teen was actually an undercover officer.

Bensing traveled to Greenville to pick up the girl, where he was arrested.

According to arrest warrants obtained by Fox, Bensing said he wanted to make the teenager into his slave.

He asked her if she was “ready to be a full-time baby maker and sex slave.”

He used a moniker, “Rebel Deese,” while online.

Bensing was charged with two counts of criminal solicitation of a minor.

But Bensing was bonded out of jail on Feb. 14 on a $20,000 bond, reported WMBF.

A clerk said there were no stipulations on the bond.

The sheriff’s department said in an announcement that the roundup of sexual predators, dubbed “Operation Millstone,” resulted in 43 arrests.

“This two week, multi-agency operation sought to take down internet predators looking to engage in sex with young children, as well as reveal any potential human trafficking activity through the arrests of predators, prostitutes, and johns. In all, 14 predators, 2 human traffickers, 10 prostitutes and 17 johns were arrested. 31 cases are still pending,” the department stated.

However, some members of the public disputed the charges, including one who was accused of being a predator.

“These are all lies and they should not be allowed to put this [expletive] on Facebook or on the news. It is horrible and it is wrong some of us were not even doing anything all I did was pull on that street they yanked me out of my car and left my 65-year-old uncle and arrested all of us for prostitution,” wrote Casey Brooks.



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