South Carolina Good Samaritans Work Together to Flip Wrecked Car and Free Motorist

By Jim Liao, Epoch Times
July 21, 2016 Updated: July 21, 2016

A feel-good Facebook video published by user Bert Sorin has been viewed over 76,000 times.

The subject of the video is a flipped car, which eyewitnesses say crashed and flipped over several times and landed on the side of the road on Interstate 20 in Lexington County, South Carolina, according to WLTX.

Footage shows a group of 20 odd people surrounding the red convertible and combining their strength to turn the vehicle back over.

When they succeeded, the driver was found to be still in the driver’s seat. He let out a big sigh of relief, and miraculously wasn’t injured. He was also wearing his seatbelt.

Bert Sorin, who filmed the video and owns an exercise equipment firm in South Carolina, said in a post that the effort started out as just a few people. Initially, they weren’t able to move the car, but knew that time was limited because the car was leaking gas. However, more and more people started showing up.

“So this just happened. On the way to a meeting we watched a car veer off of the road and flip. We grabbed my med kit, ran to the site and attempted to flip the car with just a few of us. No go. The car was leaking gas, so we knew we needed to get him out quickly. Went back and brought my truck and tow strap to pull off the doors, but they were stuck and the strap kept snapping. By that time, more concerned folks showed up and we were able to flip over his car and free him. It was awesome seeing everyone working together and saving this man before the EMTs could even arrive. God and fine American citizens were looking out for this fella. ‪#‎America‬,”said Sorin.

In another comment, Sorin stressed the usefulness of a seat belt and safety kit: 

“Thanks guys, it was amazing how people just started coming from everywhere to take action. No one knew what we were going to find when we flipped the car, but everyone was ready to help as much as they could. Please- wear your seatbelt, that completely saved this man, he was a convertible! Also, carry a med kit and learn how to use it. Tools like a knife and pry bars were helpful too. It was awesome seeing that man standing and getting hugs and handshakes from everyone. Today was a good day. People for people.”

Sorin posted two additional photos posted that showed the damaged convertible, which suffered a demolished driver’s side and flattened windshield, as well as the saved man hugging his rescuers.