South Carolina FedEx Worker Goes Viral After Diversion on Route

January 10, 2019 Updated: January 10, 2019

A FedEx worker in South Carolina went viral after making a stop she didn’t have to make.

Amanda Riggan is a full-time driver with FedEx.

Riggan was driving her FedEx truck on Jan. 3 when she met a woman who told her that her husband had cancer.

“I was like ‘How was your holidays?’ And with tears in her eyes, she said it wasn’t good,” Riggan said in a video she filmed and posted on Facebook after pulling to the side of the road. “She said, ‘He’s sick. My husband’s sick. He has cancer.’”

Riggan said she found the conversation awkward and changed the subject. She soon left.

“I drove off, my heart’s pounding. I do probably 20 more stops, and I have to go back,” Riggan said in the video. “I stopped what I was doing. I went back to that neighborhood. I rang her doorbell … and when she came down the stairs she had tears in eyes. When she saw it was me, she smiled.”

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Riggan said she prayed with the woman.

“She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight, this lady I’ve never met,” Riggan said, “and I prayed for her and her family, for her husband.”

Speaking through tears, Riggan added: “I pray every day for the Lord to use me. When you feel those tugs on your heartstrings, and you feel like you need to do this, stop and do it.”

The video has gone viral on Facebook, garnering over 14 million views.

In addition, more than 21,000 comments were left.

“Bless you and I will also add in my own prayers for this lady and her husband and family. Cancer is hard I myself have lost someone family to it,” wrote one user.

“I sincerely hope Fed-Ex realizes the terrific employee they have in this young lady. She felt that God called on her to make a difference in that woman’s life. The cost? A few minutes, the reward? Priceless! How many of us, myself included have perhaps had a chance to make a difference and failed to act,” wrote another user.

“Keep it going with God everything and anything can happen,” added another.

“You have the most genuine heart. Everybody needs to be more like you and the world would be a better place!” added another.

In addition to being a FedEx driver, Riggan is the founder of Hungry Heroes, a nonprofit that helps feed first responders and veterans.

According to the group’s website, “Hungry Heroes has been able to serve over 600 heroes throughout York County and surrounding areas since it was founded in April 2018.”

“Feeding 1st Responders one agency at a time—we serve those who serve and protect us as our way to show our appreciation to Police, Fire, EMS, and Military,” the website added.

Responding to the well-wishers who responded to the video, Riggan made a post on Facebook directing attention to the nonprofit and asking people to donate.

“Thank you to everyone for the heartfelt messages. Truly means more than you know. If you haven’t heard of my mission head over to Hungry Heroes and ‘like’ ‘share’ for me! I’d truly appreciate it,” she wrote.

“If you’re new to my page, I created a nonprofit feeding all First Responders and veterans. Thank you to all for your service and god bless! As always if it’s the Lords will, it’s the lords bill!”

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