SOS! My Father Is in Grave Danger From The Chinese Communist Regime for Publicly Supporting Democracy

October 29, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: October 29, 2006 12:00 am

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Kuo Jia; my father is Jia Jia. On Oct. 22, 2006, my father went to Taiwan as a tourist and left his tour group as soon as he got a chance. He asked for political asylum from the Taiwan government.

My father is the general secretary and legal representative of the China Shanxi Science and Technology Experts Association. He is also on the chairman of the board of Gold Experts Services Co. Ltd, the head of the National Experts Network Center, and the leader of the Strategy Team for the Chinese Experts Committee.

My father is also is a dedicated activist for freedom and democracy in China. That is the reason why he has never joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or any of its organizations. For the last a couple of years, he has distributed the book, Nine Commentaries of the Chinese Communist Party and told the truth about the CCP to the Chinese people.

He had openly announced that he wanted to overthrow the CCP dictatorship and realize freedom and democracy in China. He also on behalf of hundreds of members of the association expressed the wish to quit the CCP. He plans to form a new democratic party.

Due to intense CCP pressure on the Taiwanese government, and for other unknown reasons, the Taiwan government decided to deport my father to mainland China. However, very luckily, some upright people helped my father so that he can stay in Hong Kong for seven days.

As the only son of Mr. Jia Jia, I fully support my father's political agenda and his actions. I hope the righteous and kind-hearted people in the world will support us.

Chinese history proves that it is impossible for the CCP to realize democracy in China. The essence of the CCP determines its character as a dictatorship that uses violence, cheating, suppression, and terror.

To promote democracy in China, we have to take action. Now in China, there are almost 15 million people who have quit the communist organizations. Also, many communist party members want to have democracy in China.

Democracy in China will be realized. There is no doubt about that. The CCP is nearing its end.

To further his political goals of helping the Chinese people, my father has abandoned all his assets, has given up his comfortable lifestyle, given up his high positions in society, and given up his career.

This incident has shaken the CCP, and made them feel really anxious.

Now my father has only 5 days left on his transit visa; on Tuesday, Nov. 2 it expires and he will have to return to China. The situation is very critical. The CCP could persecute him at any time.

Yesterday, I got information that the Tai Yuan police searched my father's office. If he is deported back to Mainland China, his life will be at risk. The CCP is very evil.

As we all know, the famous Chinese human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng has been widely supported by the righteous people of the world. However, he was still arrested by the CCP recently. From his case, we can see that CCP has gone to extremes. It turns a blind eye to human rights and does not care about what the world thinks.

If my father is sent back to China, he will be sentenced to prison. He may be given a life sentence or even receive the death penalty.

Last year, in Shijiazhuang, Ms. Sun Li was sentenced to five years in prison for merely owning a copy of the Nine Commentaries. On Jan. 24th the Public Security Bureau promulgated the “National Public Security Persecutes Falun Gong for Distributing the Nine Commentaries Act,” making ownership of the book a crime.

The CCP searches for the people who publicly quit the CCP, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers. Monitoring the progress of the distribution of the Nine Commentaries and the spreading of the “Quit the CCP” movement are their main job now. The CCP has made it a policy to impose the heaviest sentences in cases involving the Nine Commentaries or “Quitting the CCP.”

My father has already become one of the key players in the Chinese democracy movement. If he is persecuted by the CCP, then the democracy movement in China will be affected. Other democracy activists will lose confidence.

I am here to appeal to the governments in the world to rescue my father, for the sake of humanity, freedom and democracy. Those who love freedom and democracy please support my father immediately. I appeal to the Hong Kong government protect my father and support the cause of democracy, so that we can achieve democracy in China.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.

Yours sincerely,

Jia Kuo