Sons of Anarchy Season 7: Series Finale Starts Filming as Katey Sagal Says Ending ‘Will Not Disappoint’

October 17, 2014 Updated: October 18, 2014

Filming for the Sons of Anarchy season 7 finale–which is also the series finale–has started on Friday.

Show creator and showrunner Kurt Sutter alerted fans on Twitter and Instagram, several days after he revealed that he had finished writing the finale.

Sutter will also direct the final episode, with he and Paris Barclay listed as the main executive producers.

“Love my crew. Love my cast… Even the ones who are already dead,” he said.

Sutter hasn’t revealed much about the last episode of the hit series, but did tell Entertainment Weekly that he spent a lot of time debating the finale frame.

“You know, I totally understood the whole ­Sopranos cut-to-black thing,” he said.

“I think I have a sense of what ­[David] Chase was trying to ­accomplish with that, in terms of that it’s not something that can be tied up, and that it ultimately goes on. I definitely want to have the sense that people will walk away feeling satisfied but also having a sense of wonder: Now what happens?”



Start shooting #soa finale tomorrow. Love my crew. Love my cast… Even the ones who are already dead.

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I got a black eye during the PREP of the finale. I’m afraid to think of what’s gonna happen when the cameras actually start rolling.

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Katey Sagal (Gemma) said in a new interview that she knows a lot about what happens coming up, including the big Jax-Gemma showdown, but refused to divulge details.

“Except that it will not disappoint. Keep watching,” she told TVLine.

Sagal also said that Gemma would have killed Juice in the last episode, if given the chance.

“That moment in the car, with her whole plan in place — she saw how crazy he was when he killed that Chinese dude in the hotel room. She saw how far gone he was,” she said.

“You have to remember they’re outlaws — all of ’em. It would have been very difficult for her to kill Juice. She has a certain fondness for him. But at the end of the day, they do what they need to do.”


And Gemma is also turning on Unser, perceiving him to be a threat.

“She knows that Unser is now working with the police. She went into his trailer and she saw all the crime scene pictures, so she knows that he’s not believing her. Her plan, too, was that they’d pin it on this Chinese guy, and then it’d be done with. That’s it. They’ve got a murderer, and nobody’s going to ask any more questions, and it’ll just be done,” she said.

“But that didn’t happen, and Unser is a part of it. The fact that he wants Jarry to be talked to — anything that keeps her involved in it is a problem for her. So Unser is a problem.”

Episode 13, or the finale, will air on Tuesday, December 9.

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