Video: Some Gifts Are Absolutely Priceless

May 15, 2019 Updated: May 21, 2019

The smallest and simplest of things can be the greatest memories. It doesn’t take much to make someone smile and these people and their families were able to take the simplest of things and create memorable moments for their loved ones.

Daniel likes watching the dump truck every Monday. He eagerly stands outside watching the men work with excitement in his eyes. After all, what child doesn’t like watching massive vehicles work? The fun isn’t over for Daniel though, because these garbage men get out of their vehicle and stop their daily job duties to bring the young boy a surprise. Inside the package is a brand new toy dump truck, make this a memorable day that Daniel won’t forget.

Another young girl is only 13 and hasn’t seen her father in 12 years. As a pre-party birthday gift, she is blindfolded and surprised by seeing her father standing before her. Shock, tears and birthday cake commence.

Another family, surprised each of their children with a cute stuffed bear, with clothes made from their late grandfather’s clothes. The best part though is the mechanism inside that allows them to hear their grandfathers words.

One mother learns that she is about to be a grandmother after opening a well-wrapped, taped together box that she originally believes is a coffee mug until she moves the tissue paper. Tears stream down her face in happiness when she realizes that the gift is really the announcement of her grandchild.