Socialist ‘Equality’ Is a Lie Used by Tyrants

April 4, 2019 Updated: April 4, 2019


When Karl Marx envisioned socialism, it was merely a stage of tyrannical dictatorship that would naturally collapse to bring about communism.

In Marx’s time, there were not yet any socialist or communist countries. Socialism was merely seen as the stage of “state capitalism,” in which the state seizes control of all means of production in order to more rapidly achieve the communist goals of cultural, social, and moral desolation.

Since communism was the goal, socialist dictators have historically always used their powers to attack and destroy the “old” values of each society. Under Vladimir Lenin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot, one of the first steps was a man-made famine that wiped out large portions of the population, leading to a “survival of the fittest” concept where many people survived, under intense fear, through cannibalism or corruption.

According to the authors of the “Black Book of Communism,” Lenin clearly stated that these atrocities were valuable for communist goals, since they would help bring about socialism while also destroying people’s faith in their leaders and in God.

Unfortunately, when many people think of socialism today, they only know its surface talking points—the vague and lofty-sounding arguments that it will create “equality,” and the branding of its social movements as a fight against so-called “slavery” and “oppression.”

In reality, socialism has historically represented everything it claims to oppose. Socialism is the ideology of slavery, oppression, genocide, massive inequality, and virulent hatred.

The system of communism is based on struggle, and socialist tyrants use hatred as their tool to create this in society.

Under Lenin, people were told to hate the wealthy landlords, whom he called “kulaks.”

Under Mao, people were told to hate landlords and anyone who still believed in tradition, whom he labeled as “rightists.”

Under Adolf Hitler, who used national socialism, people were told to hate the Jews, whom he framed as a wealthy minority.

And under today’s socialists in the West, people are told to hate all white people, all men, and anyone who believes in traditional culture and family values.

Hatred is the fuel of socialism. Hatred is the creed of its followers. They are made to embody what they believe they oppose.

This ties directly to Marx’s theory of social evolution—that society would move from capitalism to socialism, then to communism. Marxists also frame this according to the Hegelian dialectic theory that “conflict leads forward.”

By fomenting conflict and hatred between various groups of people in a society, socialist tyrants use the Social Darwinist theory of survival of the fittest—believing that conflict more rapidly advances society toward the goals of communist desolation. This is what they call “progress.”

During this process, these tyrants brainwash their followers into believing that the people they are agitated to hate are the “enemies of the people,” or represent “inequality.” This strategy allows a small cadre of corrupt leaders to incite mobs into acts of violence, and to use these campaigns of violence and suppression to seize power over a society.

This process has been repeated by socialist leaders all throughout the 20th century, leading to the ideology’s death toll, according to the “Black Book of Communism,” of more than 100 million people.

Socialist dictators use, and sometimes even create, the ills and hardships of society, then use them as tools onto which they latch social policies. These policies are then used to drive society along the “progression” toward communism, and the social ills they’ve latched these policies onto are used as the defensive tools that allow them to attack anyone who questions the policies.

Under socialism, equality is a lie. That is, unless, you consider equality the flattening of society into equal misery, under the heel of a massive state bureaucracy led by a corrupt political class.

Socialists accuse people of doing what the socialists themselves are doing, and that deflects criticism from their own actions. They manufacture hardship and use the label of “oppression” as a tool to attack varying segments of society.

Over the last 100 years, socialism, and its tyrants who sought to create communist systems, produced famine, genocide, totalitarianism, mass corruption, moral collapse, and social collapse in almost every place it was tried.

The lofty promises and high-sounding statements made by socialist tyrants are merely tools for stringing people along that hide the tyrants’ true motives.

In practice, socialism accomplishes the opposite of what its purveyors preach. Socialism is the ideology of government tyranny, of granting absolute power to a small wealthy clique, and of creating mass inequality between the wealthy socialist leaders and the impoverished masses.

Joshua Philipp is a senior investigative reporter for The Epoch Times.

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