Social media a virtual social planet

November 14, 2014 Updated: April 23, 2016

The tremendous growth of social media in the last couple of years

It wasn’t long ago when Facebook first appeared on the scene followed eventually by Twitter and other social media entities. Today Facebook are an online giant in its own right and Twitter isn’t far behind and several other social media entities has appeared on the scene and are competing vigorously for their own personal spot on the online stage. Hundreds of millions of social media users are actively involved on this medium and are eagerly communicating with family, friends, and colleagues and even with businesses that are producing the products which are of interest to them. The social media scene has become a vitally important influence with in the modern community and it is used extensively by individuals, businesses and marketing companies to introduce their products, interests and opinions to the world wide community.

Because of the tremendous growth of Facebook this entity is in high demand

There are many businesses and other individuals who has Facebook profiles and everyone knows in order to get a Facebook profile or any other website to such a point where it becomes sustainable and where it has a healthy following of interested readers that regularly supports that profile or website can take a substantial amount of time. That is why there are a substantial number of social media profile owners who has engaged in what is known as the purchasing of Facebook likes. The reasoning behind this is that it may be possible to purchase a certain amount of Facebook likes which could then give the impression that your profile are more popular than it really is. This is supposed to give your profile a substantial boost and to make it more noticeable to the Facebook search engine which in theory will allow such a profile to pop up more often and therefore would make it more visible to Facebook supporters. There are many reasons why these actions are not as successful as profile owners would like to be.

The advantages of technology

However we live in a world which is continually fluctuating and on a daily basis things are changing and new technologies are discovered and new ways to fix things. We are all very aware of how it is common knowledge within the law enforcement agencies that criminals are continually finding new ways in which to commit crime and this forces law-enforcement to play a catch-up game where they are continually trying to find ways in which to neutralize those criminal activities. Likewise there are companies which have experimented with Facebook likes and who has compared the different equations which are at work within the social media environment and they have found a way to actually produce effective lists of Facebook likes and you can buy Facebook likes which could be effective in boosting your Facebook profile. We all know that it can be very difficult to make your mark with a Facebook profile or with a website and therefore it could be advantages to boost your chances slightly.

The online environment has turned into an ocean of opportunity for many people

Unfortunately the available opportunities which are being pursued online are not always legal, they are not always up building and they are not always ultimately in your personal interest or to your ultimate advantage. There are an amount of people who are trying to generate an income for themselves online and just as the cell phone scams which are being observed in the last couple of years there are many people that are totally unscrupulous in their schemes to make more money. Therefore it will certainly be unwise to deal with the first business that are offering you Facebook likes because many of them will provide you with a list of Facebook likes which are absolutely useless and which will do nothing to boost the popularity of your profile but which would rather do your profile a lot of damage. The reason for this is that the EdgeRank system which are used by Facebook will quickly determine whether your Facebook likes are genuine and whether they are not and also whether they are simply dead wood which show no real activity or interaction which are things which will be noticeable by the built in sensors which has been program into the EdgeRank system.

Profile owners need to research all available resources

What has to be carefully considered by all social profile owners are the long term benefits and sustainable growth of their profiles especially if they would like to benefit financially from such a profile. Therefore great care has to be exercised in order to only engage in activities which will ensure the long-term growth of such a profile. And this is exactly why purchasing Facebook likes which has been obtained from a questionable business will ultimately not be in the best interest of your profile like we have already explained to you in the previous paragraph because such Facebook likes will be quickly discerned by the EdgeRank system which are used by Facebook. Once that has happened, your profile will even be less visible than it was before, due to this system which is being used by Facebook. If you are however serious about growing the popularity of your Facebook profile you should carefully research all available providers of Facebook likes and you should ensure that you only buy real Facebook followers who are really able to benefit your profile and who will provide you with Facebook likes which will continue to interact with your profile and will therefore be able to provide you with lasting benefits which will be sensed by the EdgeRank system.

The creation of a successful profile

The creation of a successful social media profile or website will be determined by the content and by the value which are provided to the reader. The more current and interesting subjects which are being addressed with in that profile the more supporters will be attracted to such a profile. However the true success of any social media profile is in interaction. In other words it’s not just about the information which you are sharing with readers but what truly makes for a successful profile is the comments and the responses from your readers. And this is why you need to obtain Facebook likes which will continue to interact with you on your profile because EdgeRank are able to accurately discern the level of interaction which are taking place on that profile and according to that level of interaction it will determine whether your profile will be of value to other readers. is another site which deals with real Facebook likes which are able to provide your profile with the necessary boost.

More social media entities are emerging every day

The social media environment is a very fast growing environment and more and more social media entities are emerging every day. In the last couple of years we have seen social media entities like Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others. Every single one of these entities is making a very special contribution to the social media environment. There are some of them which have become very popular with social media users and one of them is without a doubt Instagram. Although the emergence of these new social media entities are no longer an unfamiliar occurrence it will be foolish to disregard the emergence of these entities since there are many of them which are able to provide a substantial benefit to social media users. Instagram has grown to 150 million users in the space of only three years. Anyone within the marketing environment will immediately be attracked to such a large amount of traffic as is provided by 150 million supporters. And this is exactly why many people with Instagram profiles will buy Instagram followers in older to boost the popularity of those profiles.

The benefits of visual marketing

Just like Pinterest, Instagram are a visual marketing entity which relies heavily on the principle that a picture speaks a 1000 words. This principle has been proven to be exceptionally effective as has been emphatically proven by the large amounts of followers which are involved on this kind of visual marketing entities. Instead of typing hundreds of words which could take a lot of time and which is not everyone’s favorite way in which to pass time people prefer to rather place a picture which already communicates the necessary message and which will often only require a few short comments in order to accomplish what would otherwise need a 1000 words to convey. And this is exactly why this kind of visual marketing entities are growing in popularity and they are being used more and more each and every day by individuals, businesses and marketing experts. The truth is that social media has completely transformed the day to day reality which are experienced by hundreds of millions of people and one can expect that this trend will continue for many years to come and the expectation is that social media will continue to grow as an effective communication’s and marketing environment for many people and other institutions.