Soap Box Derby Races in Port Jervis (Photos)

June 14, 2015 Updated: July 18, 2015

PORT JERVIS, New York—In the morning hours of June 14, Port Jervis kicked off the 16th running of its local soap box derby.

Board member of the local event Tayna Addy talked about how members of the community would come together to help a child compete in the race. She said a sponsor might buy a car kit and then the driver and adult work very closely to build it from the ground up. “The event is so popular that youngsters come back year after year.,” Addy said.

A lot of the cars are returning racing cars so [the kids] work with their sponsors and their parents on tweaking the car and making sure the weights are in line and making sure the wheels are good,” Addy said.

The city showed its support and enthusiasm on race day. “This is a passion of this community. We absolutely love this derby and we’re so grateful for the support of our sponsors and of all of the parents and family and volunteers that come out,” Addy said. The box car race has been held around the U.S. since 1934. Cars are unpowered, relying completely upon gravity to move.

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