‘So Gross:’ Tired Woman’s ‘Disgusting’ Choice on Plane Draws Controversy

August 2, 2019 Updated: August 2, 2019

Even though passengers regularly resort to sleeping on the floor at an airport, it’s something you’d rarely find on an airplane itself.

One passenger, however, recently spotted a woman laid out on the floor between rows of seats.

The passenger’s image was later shared on the Instagram page Passenger Shaming, where the woman was both blasted and praised for her actions.

A male passenger is seen sleeping across a row of seats, seemingly in an agreement with the female passenger, who is sleeping beneath him.

“QUESTION: Would you ever lay on the floor of an airplane?” the post’s caption reads.

A number of people commented on the post, saying it was a poor choice.

“No, I wouldn’t lie (correct word) on the floor, but the seats are probably just as dirty,” one person said.

“This is so gross,” another person wrote.

”I don’t even like putting my feet with socks on the floor,” a third revealed.

However, some people said it was a fine choice.

“Exhaustion can make people do things they would never consider otherwise,” said another person.

Added one: “I’ve done that before!! I put a blanket down and it was quite comfortable thanks!!”

Another said: “Yes, I would. Have you ever traveled a 16 hour flight?? Hell yes I would.”

“I think when you are tired you sleep where you can. People don’t have homes and sleep in far worse conditions and you want to bring light to people for sleeping on the floor of an airplane that is probably cleaner than most of your apartments,” wrote one.

It’s not clear where the photo was taken. The woman’s identity also was not revealed.

Flight Attendant Found in Overhead Bin

A Southwest Airline flight attendant was found lying inside the overhead compartment of a flight during boarding on July 29, according to multiple reports.

During the boarding of a flight from Nashville headed towards Philadelphia, a passenger making her way to her seat noticed something unusual: The flight attendant of that flight was lying on her side inside the overhead compartment with her feet hanging from the locker, Fox News reported.

While more and more passengers boarded the plane, the flight attendant made no attempt to get out of the compartment and rolled over to lie on her stomach before seemingly starting to talk, according to the video that one of the passengers took of the incident.

Veronica Lloyd, the woman who recorded the incident, said that she was left very confused by the actions of the flight attendant. She told Fox News that the attendant stayed in the overhead compartment for at least 10 minutes before she climbed down and continued to work for the remainder of the flight, Fox News reported. She also told the news outlet that the flight attendant was pleasant throughout the flight.

She posted a photo of the incident on Twitter.

Epoch Times reporter Paula Liu contributed to this report.