Snow Snake Hoax: There’s no ‘Deadly Snow Snake’ Bite Deaths in Ohio, Pennsylvania; Blood Freezing is Fake

March 3, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

A viral Facebook photo and rumor says a “deadly snow snake” has bitten three people in Pennsylvania and Ohio, causing their “blood … to freeze.”

It isn’t real and there’s no such thing as a “snow snake.”

“This is the deadly snow snake. It has bitten 3 people in the state of Ohio and one in Pennsylvania. It’s been spotted in other states. It comes out in the cold weather and at this time there is no cure for it’s bite. One bite and your blood starts to freeze. Scientist are trying to find a cure. Your body temperature start to fall once bitten. Please stay clear if you have see it. Please forward this and try to save as many people as we can from this deadly snow snake,” the fake post reads.

It has an accompanying photo of a snake but it appears to be a white-colored rubber snake, according to hoax-debunking website Snopes.

Snakes, like other reptiles, are cold-blooded and rely on external heat to stay alive. They can’t survive outside in freezing, snowy conditions.

There’s also no such thing as a snake that causes one’s blood to “freeze.”

Snakes and reptiles enter into a state similar to hibernation during the winter, going underground or seeking shelter until winter ends.