Smartphones: US Army to Test Smartphones

By Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston
December 16, 2010 Updated: December 16, 2010

Smartphones, like Android phones and iPhones, may soon be a standard item for Army soldiers, according to a recent Army Times report.

The Army is going to first test out to see whether or not the smartphones are ready for combat in February.

According to the report, testing phones, network applications and equipment will be an attempt at modernizing the military. The tests will not only be aimed at smartphones but also at other devices that "may be useful for troops," the Army Times noted.

“We’re looking at everything from iPads to Kindles to Nook readers to mini-projectors,” Mike McCarthy, director of the mission command complex of Future Force Integration Directorate at Fort Bliss, told the Times.

Smartphones would enable soldiers to use real-time intelligence data as well as video from the military’s vast repitoire of unmanned systems in the air.

However, as the report noted, the Army has to secure the phones, their data, and the network before they can be used out in the field.

"This is a profound and fundamental change about how soldiers will be able to access and share information," McCarthy said, according to ABC News.

Alex Johnston
Alex Johnston