Small Space Secrets

By Canadian Home Trends
Canadian Home Trends
Canadian Home Trends
May 10, 2014 Updated: May 11, 2014

In small spaces, it’s no secret that every bit of floor and counter space is valuable real estate. While the “less is more” principle applies, the reality of everyday living requires us to be storage sleuths, always on the hunt for one more square foot or inch. Here are our top tips to help with your eternal search for space by designer extraordinaire Michelle Cook.

Small Space Reality Check

Myth: A small space’s colour scheme should be light and neutral.
Reality check: Don’t be afraid to use a dark hue in a small space. Simply balance the colour with plenty of natural and artificial light, so that the room does not feel dark but rather warm and cozy.

Myth: Small spaces are cluttered.
Reality check: Two words—multi-functional furniture! A small space doesn’t have to look cluttered, especially when using furniture with built-in storage. Avoid clutter buildup by having a designated spot for items. If you are organized, you will be more likely to put items away after using them.

Myth: A small space calls for small furniture.
Reality check: Don’t fall into the trap of buying ONLY small-scale furniture. Filling a space with smaller furniture will make it “feel” small. Instead, mix-and-match a large piece with a few smaller ones to create a balanced look.

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