Small NY Company Rides Wave of Change in Video Advertising

LNC Productions offers customized services to produce videos for smaller companies
February 20, 2014 Updated: February 20, 2014

NEW YORK—Up until recently, smaller companies didn’t have much of a choice when it came to video advertising. They had to hire an expensive agency to produce and place their content. These times are over.

David Levy, 23, and Eddie Nuvakhov, 23, of LNC Productions are at the forefront of a rapidly changing video industry. Epoch Times met both in New York to discuss the developments changing the video production space.

“With the decrease in traditional forms of advertising, recent years have brought a corresponding increase in digital ads,” Eddie Nuvakhov, LNC’s production manager and CEO explains.

“It is because of the relative ease of Internet distribution. It levels the playing field for the companies that don’t have the budget to buy TV ads,” explains David Levy, the company’s creative director.

They said online and mobile platforms include a level of interactivity that TV doesn’t have. Content often turns viral without any additional cost.

Levy and Nuvakhov founded LNC Productions in the beginning of 2013 and came close to making $100,000 in revenue that year.

Their clients include fashion company Yosi Samra and feature celebrities like Dr. Oz from “The Oz Show.” Samra only paid $12,000 for its spot, compared to $50,000 at bigger agencies. 

LNC already has $130,000 in signed deals for 2014 and is in negotiations to produce more.


Even in the largest video production agencies the split between TV and online or mobile has changed dramatically, with billions of dollars being poured into online and mobile content.

Google statistics show 90 percent of media interactions happen on a screen. Specifically, the mobile space has grown tremendously, with most of these interactions happening directly from a smartphone browser.

“This change is only going to become more cemented as younger generations become more influential and developing countries become more advanced,” said Levy.

Cost Advantage

“Our advantage is the much lower cost, which allows even the smallest video producers to compete,” said Nuvakhov.

Technological changes are continually driving down production costs and increasing access to professional equipment and software.

“Today we see camera manufacturing startups charging a fraction of the cost for very adequate equipment. It is now possible for the smallest agency to shoot Hollywood-quality videos on a low budget,” Levy said.

In general, for every startup there has been a tremendous drop in overhead and increased efficiency due to technology. Cloud computing has made collaboration over the Internet and storage for backing up large amount of data easy and inexpensive.

Structural Demand

Simultaneously, market demand from small and midsize companies has increased, as they see the power of video marketing for online platforms.

It was the shared passion for filmmaking and the huge potential in the market that led Levy and Nuvakhov to start their company.

“We saw this gap in the market and started the company, regardless of the inherent risks and difficulty. We saw that for many businesses an increased importance was attached to their online presence, with video as now an essential requirement for public relations success,” Nuvakhov said.

There are several benefits of having video advertising. It makes consumers spend more time on the company’s website and more likely to buy their product or service.

LNC Productions specializes in providing customized solutions to each brand’s particular requirements.

“Companies are aware that in today’s competitive business environment, it is key to be able to get a message across as fast as possible,” said Nuvakhov.