Sleepy monkey won’t rest—he’s afraid he might miss out on the action

December 3, 2017 Updated: December 23, 2017

Watch this monkey in Zimbabwe doze as though “catching fish.” He can’t keep his eyes open anymore, but he refuses to go to sleep just in case he might miss out on some action.

Little Horace is trying his hardest to stay awake, even though all the signs indicate that it’s time to switch off and go to the Land of Nod. His friend, with whom he shares his bed, tries to convince him that there is absolutely no point in staying up!

He doesn’t believe a word of it and stubbornly tries to keep alert… it’s so funny how he drops off, as if in slow motion he falls over backward, comes back up again and repeats the whole process till eventually, sleep overwhelms him.

Horace lives with his owner, Sarah Carter and a bunch of other fluffy friends, two dogs and a cat, who he seems to be very much at home with. There is no doubt that the feelings are mutual…. he also loves to nap!

“Horace is a master napper. He fights it though as he is afraid he will miss something”, said Carter as reported by

Horace was only two days old when his rescuer and owner, Carter, founder of the Twala Wildlife Foundation, adopted him. He was found holding on to his dead mother. She died after being hit by a car.

“Horace is hugely confident and affectionate having been raised in a very diverse and loving environment at Twala”, Carter added.

In these visuals, he is quite oblivious to the fact, that he is the object of the action viewers are enjoying… absolutely hilarious!


Images credit: Youtube Screenshot | Caters Clips.