Size XXXS? J. Crew Clothes To Be Available in 000

By Ingrid Longauerová, Epoch Times

According to J. Crew’s new vanity sizing, the retailer now offers clothes in a size 000 or XXXS. If your bust measures 30.5” and natural waist 23”, the new 000 size is what you’ll be looking for.

J. Crew pushed sizing practices to another level, but is it a real reflection of women’s needs? Maybe 000 will become the new the “ideal size 0” that women aspire to.

Despite fashion industry critics’ concern over perpetuating women’s body image issues, it is worth noting that the size 000 already exists in theory as the smallest size on some sizing charts. Size 000 is equivalent to 0 in UK and Australian sizing. However, it is 28 in France or 26 in Spain. (That’s why when shopping at Zara or Stradivarius you could feel as if you’ve gained weight.)

Of course, women suited for size 000 have existed much earlier than J. Crew’s new sizing system chart. Audrey Hepburn is said to be just 20” inches in the waistline.

J.Crew’s move is a result of a long tradition of vanity sizing. Vanity sizing, like inflation, begets more vanity sizing. So, what to make of this new development? Should we start preparing on a negative numbers