SimCity BuildIt Cheats, Hacks, Tricks, Guide: For Money, SimCash, And Also Simoleans

December 28, 2014 Updated: February 3, 2015

SimCity BuildIt, the newest Maxis game for iOS and Android, came out recently. There are “cheats” and hacks for the game.

The free game has “cheats” but it requires a tool, which can be downloaded here (download and use at your own risk).

“This new software runs on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux so you don’t need to worry about it working or not. This SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat works for all iOS and Android devices! SimCity BuildIt Hack Cheat has a new friendly interface and it’s very easy to use, just how many resources you want, then press Start,” it says.

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Here’s a video on cheating/hacking for iPhone and iPads:

The devices need to be jailbroken and need either GamePlayer or GameGen:

Here’s a video on tips and tricks for the game:

Here’s another one:


And per EA’s website, it has a guide for new players:

Simoleons (§) are everyday currency: They are how your citizens pay their taxes; you receive them as rewards for building and upgrading; they are what you spend and receive in trades and deals. You’ll need Simoleons for things like purchasing different types of buildings or upgrading roads. Simoleons (§) make the SimCity world go round!

Start earning Simoleons by placing residential zones, areas for your citizens to build their homes. As your city expands you’ll have more opportunities to upgrade those homes, collect taxes, complete cargo shipments, make deals, and sell items to other players. Each of these actions will keep the Simoleons rolling in. If things get tight you can also convert your SimCash to Simoleons or purchase Simoleons in the store.

SimCash is a little more ‘Mayoral’ than Simoleons. You’re automatically given a pile of SimCash when you start creating your city and you can use it to grease the palms of your contractors (among others) to speed things up a little. If you like, you can also convert SimCash directly to Simoleons.

Get a SimCash bonus for every City Achievement target you hit! Collect your rewards for achievements in your Mayor’s Mansion. SimCash can also be purchased in the store.

Even more exclusive than SimCash, Golden Keys are worth their weight in, well, gold! Golden Keys can’t be bought with either Simoleons or SimCash; they must be earned by successfully completingcargo shipments or rebuilding your city if disaster strikes. They’re well worth acquiring as they enable you to purchase some very cool (and sometimes very famous) premium buildings, which you and your citizens will love. Be the envy of all your visitors!

It adds:

If you fail to keep your citizens happy, they’ll abandon their homes and leave town. There’s one other very good reason to keep them satisfied—the happier the populace, the more taxes you will receive.

Check the smiley face happiness counter on the left of your screen. If the face is less than green, there are several ways to find out why. Opinion bubbles give you advance warning of problems like traffic jams, lack of services, boredom, or a dirty factory in the neighborhood. If red exclamation marks appear on the icons on the right of your screen, investigate by tapping them immediately!

They will hint at what improvements you can make to keep your citizens satisfied. You can also get a visual check on how happy each individual zone is by selecting the Government icon in the Services menu. 

Factories produce raw materials to keep your city growing. Tap on a factory and select the material you want to create by dragging it on top of the factory building. When manufacturing is complete, your items will appear on top of the factory, where you can tap to collect them. Unlock a wider variety of production materials and more efficient factories as you progress through the game!

With commercial buildings (e.g. stores and markets), you can combine and reuse materials to make new, crafted items. Use seeds to make tomatoes, or craft metal into nails! Tap on your commercial building and tell your citizens what to craft by dragging the item on top of the building. You’ll see your finished, crafted items appear on top of the building when they’re done, and you can tap them to collect them. Unlock new crafting “recipes” as you progress through the game!