Sidney Powell Appeals Georgia Lawsuit Dismissal

December 8, 2020 Updated: December 8, 2020

Lawyer Sidney Powell’s legal team is appealing the dismissal of its Georgia election lawsuit.

Powell asked the court Monday to immediately send a notice of appeal to the Eleventh Circuit court. She says they want to “proceed as quickly as possible” to address “urgent issues of national importance.”

A judge had dismissed Powell’s Georgia election lawsuit earlier that day. He said the plaintiffs have no standing to sue, they should have brought it to a state court, and that they filed the case too late. Powell disagrees with those arguments.

Plaintiffs are also asking the court to decertify Georgia’s election results.

Powell alleges several other categories of potential illegal votes. Each is enough to dispute the outcome of the election.

Powell asked for a few days to examine the voting machines to find out what went on. She told the Epoch Times they’re trying to take it to the Supreme Court as fast as possible.

Meanwhile, Georgia’s secretary of state again certified election results in favor of Joe Biden on Monday. It follows a second recount without signature verification.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp hasn’t formalized the certification yet.

The Trump campaign has repeatedly called for a more complete recount, including signature matching. They say, without it, any recount would include fraudulent mail-in ballots.

Trump campaign lawyers are calling on state lawmakers to take matters into their own hands. They say, regardless of state laws or certifications, the legislature still has the sole power to select presidential electors.

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