Shooting at Brooklyn ‘Oldtimers Week’ Leaves 11 Injured and One Dead

July 28, 2019 Updated: July 28, 2019

A law enforcement source told the New York Post that a lone gunman opened fire at an event in Brooklyn on Saturday night, leaving 11 people injured and a 38-year-old man dead.

“I’ve never heard of 12 people shot in one incident—ever,” an investigator told The Post, adding that “this is one of the worst, most brazen shootings I’ve ever seen.”

Gunfire broke out at around 11 p.m. on July 27, Fox5 reported, at a playground in the area of the Brownsville Recreation Center, where an annual Oldtimers Week event was taking place.

The Post reported that despite the presence of dozens of police officers, an unidentified suspect fired multiple rounds into the crowd.

Footage shared on social media showed police clearing the scene and the aftermath of what one witness described as “pure pandemonium.”

Scores of police and EMS response teams descended upon the area, with victims rushed to area hospitals.

“I heard shots and I ducked,” a 66-year-old event attendee told The Post. “When I stuck my head up, and the smoke cleared, it was pure pandemonium.”

“It was chaos,” said 60-year-old Gary Miller, a vendor at the party, via The Post. “People were breaking down, having outbursts.”

A New York City police spokesman was cited by The Associated Press as saying that 12 people had been shot at the park.

A tweet by NYC Scanner claimed that one of the victims of the shooting was “dead on arrival.”

The Post reported that a discarded firearm was found on the scene and that the suspect remained at large.

At least six people had been transported to local hospitals by just after midnight, with some in serious condition, a New York City fire department spokesman said, via The Associated Press. He described the scene at the time as “fluid.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio called it a “terrible shooting” in an early morning tweet, adding that “Our hearts go out to the victims.”

While New York crime rates have seen a decline, the neighborhood of Brownsville has continued to struggle with gun violence.

According to The Associated Press, a 2010 newsletter from the parks department described the Brownsville Oldtimers Week 2019 as a celebration of “former members of the center who went on to success and fame in sports and other endeavors” that’s grown to include concerts and other events.

A Facebook event page shows a poster featuring photos of performers and the message: “All r welcome, let’s come in peace.”

Footage posted on Facebook sometime before the shooting showed people enjoying a peaceful, festive atmosphere that betrayed nothing of the tragedy to come.

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