Shocking Moment Tesco Worker Kicks a Customer, Who Then Charges at Him With a Big Stick

January 24, 2018 Updated: January 24, 2018

Shocking footage has emerged showing one supermarket employee kick, and a second one strike, an aggressive customer, who then comes back charging at the two with a large stick.

Witnesses told the Daily Mail the violence erupted following a dispute over instant noodles.

The video shows an argument outside a Tesco supermarket in Hackney Road, London, involving what appears to be store security confronting a man over the contents of his backpack.

A male voice on the video can be heard saying what sounds like “stealer,” as a tug-of-war ensues with the customer’s backpack, though no evidence of any crime has been produced.

According to the Mail, the man who filmed the altercation, Harry Anderson, said that the customer being accosted by store staff threw what appeared to be a Pot Noodle into the store.

The confrontation heats up as the customer and his companion walk away from the store, and one of the Tesco employees kicks out at the customer, who then turns and swings his backpack at the employee, only to have it end up in the staff member’s hands.

Another employee rushes into the melee by charging at the customer and apparently taking a swing at him with his fist.

Moments later, the backpack is flung back in the customer’s direction.

The camera follows the pair of customers as they walk away from the scene. But things take an unexpected turn when the man spots a large stick.

With the wood high above his head, the man charges at the employees and chases them back into store, before striking the storefront with the it.

Anderson, who witnessed and recorded the incident on Jan. 16, told the Daily Mail he believed the whole thing may have started with an accusation of shoplifting, although no evidence of that has been produced.

“I don’t think the Tesco worker should have reacted that way at all,” Anderson commented on the altercation, according to the Daily Mail.

It is reported that a Tesco spokesperson reportedly claimed awareness of the incident and gave assurance that it was being investigated.


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