Sherlock Season 4: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman Too Busy Go to the Emmys (+Premiere Date)

Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, stars of the popular British series Sherlock, appear to be too busy to attend the Emmy Awards.

The Emmys are on right now on August 25.

Cumberbatch won the best actor in a miniseries or movie award, while Freeman was also nominated for several awards, but for his acting in Fargo.

Both men are very busy, and each season of Sherlock has just three episodes.

Sherlock season 4 was recently confirmed. In addition to the three episodes, a special one-off episode will likely air in 2015.

Season 4 will likely premiere in 2016 since Freeman and Cumberbatch are so busy.

eason 1 premiered in July 2010 while seasons 2 and 3 premiered on January 1 (2012 and 2014).

Based off of that, it’s likely that season 4 will either premiere on January 1, 2016 or sometime in July or another summer month, perhaps June.

“Series Four! At last!” wrote co-creator and actor Mark Gatiss in an update.

“It’s always special to return to Sherlock but this time it’s even more special as we’re doing…a Special! Not only THAT, we’ll then be shooting three more episodes which will take Sherlock and John Watson into deeper and darker water than ever before…The whole ‘Sherlock’ team are terrifically excited to return for four new adventures. The Game is on — again!”

Added co-creator Steven Moffat: “A special, plus a new series of three episodes — it’s a record-breaking run! Of course, it’s far too early to say what’s coming, but we’re reasonably confident that the very next thing to happen to Sherlock and John, is the very last thing you’d expect ….”

BBC hasn’t released any plot spoilers but Metro made some speculation about what will happen.

Among the thoughts are whether Moriarty is actually alive or not, and what exactly happens with Mary. She and John marry in the books, but Gatiss and Moffat “have a habit of playing around with Conan Doyle’s canon,” Metro points out.

“But when it comes to major stories and events such as the confrontation at the Reichenbach Falls, A Study in Scarlet and The Hound of the Baskervilles, they have remained faithful to the original.”

Freeman has speculated himself that “at some point” Mary will “presumably die.”

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