Sheneka Adams Leaked Photos: Victim of ‘Fappening’?

November 18, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Sheneka Adams, the model, apparently was hacked in the same manner as other celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton earlier this year.

Nude photos of Adams were allegedly posted online on Thursday, and they were being shared on several websites and Twitter.

Gossip site MediaTakeOut said Adams’ photos were stolen via her iCloud account–similar to the massive wave of celebrity leaks starting in September.

The site says, “The hackers GOT HER. These pics were posted on an anonymous hacking website.”

The “Fappening” hacking initiative is basically over, however.

A report from The Daily Beast notes that some celebrities have “leaked” photos of themselves to gain publicity.

“Now, with nothing significant floating to the top in this long time, it seems like the well has run dry,” one Redditor wrote. “The main event is clearly over. Let’s just bask in the likelihood that the dust will settle and celebs will get complacent again.”

Apple has said it will deal with security problems relating to its iCloud service, but a few weeks after that, Chinese hackers may have breached it.

As Digital Trends notes, “The source of the attack is reportedly China Telecom, a company with ties to Chinese leadership. In August, Apple agreed to store local China iCloud data in China Telecom’s servers.”

Apple confirmed with CNBC that it was aware of “intermittent organized network attacks.”