Shen Yun ‘Is something you experience’ Says Avid Arts Fan

March 18, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
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Ms. Catherine Grunwald at the opening performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts in Toledo, Ohio, March 17, 2012. (Valerie Avore/The Epoch Times)

TOLEDO,Ohio—”It is absolutely fabulous!” exclaimed Ms. Catherine Grunwald after she caught the opening performance of Shen Yun Performing Arts.

Continuing the Midwest leg of its US tour, the internationally acclaimed Shen Yun returned to the stage of the Stranahan Theater, Saturday evening, March 17.

An avid arts fan, Ms. Grunwald had high praise for the show. “It isn’t something that you see, it is something you experience. I’m just enthralled with the whole thing!”

She noted the exquisite handmade costumes that are an integral part of the performances. “The costumes are phenomenal. You don’t need sets and scenery because the costumes tell the stories themselves.”

With classical Chinese dance as its hallmark, New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts is leading a revival of the classical Chinese arts. Its artists include many winners of international dance and vocal competitions. Ms. Grunwald exclaimed, “And the performers! Their precision is phenomenal, where every step is exactly the same. It’s just, I mean I’m totally taken aback!”

She was moved by the first program, An Era Begins, which opens upon a scene of China’s glorious ancient civilization. She said, “The opening performance! To come on with it just immediately with this blast of color and music. It grabs your attention right there and it never stops grabbing your attention. The colors are just—you don’t see colors like this! You just don’t see them!”

Ms. Grunwald only had one regret. “If someone in this area didn’t buy a ticket to see this, they are missing out on a once in a lifetime experience. It’s just unbelievable!

She said she would strongly urge others to experience Shen Yun for themselves. “I’m going to tell everybody about this. I’m going to take this [program book] and give it to them and tell them, you have to see this!”

Reporting by Valerie Avore and Jeanmarie Lunsford.

Shen Yun Performing Arts, based in New York, tours the world on a mission to revive traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company will be at the Stranahan Theater in Toledo for one more performance on March 18, and then at the Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin, for two performances on April 4 and 5.

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