Shen Yun’s Synchronicity ‘Superb’ Say Ballroom Dancers

April 22, 2012 Updated: October 1, 2015
Trudy and Malcolm Burrell attend Shen Yun
Trudy and Malcolm Burrell attend Shen Yun Performing Arts in Auckland. (Lily Zhang/The Epoch Times)

AUCKLAND, New Zealand—Shen Yun Performing Art’s last show in the ASB Theatre, Auckland was the matinee on Sunday, 22 April and it was attended by many people with a background in dancing.

Among the audience were Malcolm and Trudy Burrell, who have been involved in ballroom dancing for 55 years and run The Mady Dancers, a ballroom dancing group.

“It was fantastically done. The synchronization of the dancers was absolutely superb. The costumes were lovely,” said Trudy Burrell.

As ballroom dancers, the couple appreciated the rhythm and music, said Mr Burrell. “It was just beautiful and it was so synchronized, the lines and the movements.”

Mrs Burrell admired the gracefulness of the female dancers. In the dance “Snowflakes Welcoming Spring,” not one of the dancers dropped their sequined handkerchiefs when they twirled them,” she said.

“Even when they threw them and turned, they caught them all, and it was just … lovely,” said Mrs Burrell.

Also in the audience were Peter and Helen Lowe, who arrived in New Zealand four months ago from England.

Mrs Lowe is a former ballet dancer and is now teaching, and her husband is a performance officer for the council.

“It was lovely watching them. Very nice, very precise, good placement, really lovely lines,” said Mrs Lowe.

Chinese classical dance is made up of form, bearing, and technical skills, says the Company website. Because it comprises systematic training in movements and postures as well very challenging flips and tumbling techniques, it is, alongside ballet, one of the most comprehensive dance systems in the world.

She was impressed by the synchronicity of the dancers.

“It’s fantastic because obviously that is their biggest impact—when everyone’s in time together.”

She felt really emotional as she watched the scenes depicted in the dances that told of the struggle experienced by practitioners of the meditation practice of Falun Dafa, a spiritual group that is banned in China.

Dalila Gibb, a dentist, also found Shen Yun Performing Arts beautiful, when she watched it that day.

“When the guys dance, they are quite masculine, and when the girls dance, they are so feminine.”

“There are different moves-the girls are so light and soft, that was surprising to me. It was nice.”

“I just loved it. And it really touches my heart. I always think, the thing that I feel the most is that you always have to be appreciative of other people’s culture and respect it.”

Reporting by Lily Zhang and Diane Cordemans.

Shen Yun Performing Arts, based in New York, tours the world on a mission to revive traditional Chinese culture. Shen Yun Performing Arts New York Company will next perform in Wellington’s St. James Theatre, April 23-24.

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