Video: How to Shear a Sheep

May 7, 2019 Updated: May 7, 2019

See a sheep sheared — these sheep provide sweaters, goods!

A cozy sweater, a knit hat, mittens or wool — it all comes from the same place and that’s from shearing sheep.

Annually, farmers have to shear the wool from sheep for clothing items and other cloth goods to be used around the home or worn.

These sheep are sheared in Descanso, California. The farmer, John Quimby, collects the raw wool from the sheep and places them in bags. To safely shear the sheep, the animal is separate from the herd and the farmer shears him with a special shearing tool. The sheep lie down and the farmer shears all over the sheep. The wool is collected from the sheep and used for many different household goods and items. The farmer then checks the quality of the wool to see what it can be used for. The farmer also trims the sheep’s nails to ensure they are well-kept. Next time one thinks of a soft, fleece blanket, think of the sheep!

According to Schwan songs, quality is good enough, it is washed and dyed and spun into wool, for making socks, sweaters and other neat things. We should thank sheep for shearing their lovely fleece and providing many ways to stay warm.

Credit: Eduard Schwan |