Sheamus Twitter: Tweets About Darth Vader From WWE Star Fuel Star Wars Episode VII Rumors

Sheamus is the subject of Star Wars Episode VII rumors, that say the WWE star will play the iconic character in the upcoming.

The red-haired Irishman stirred the pot while on a recent trip in Europe, posting a photo of himself in front of Ireland’s famous Cliffs of Moher and dropping a hint in the caption. 

“On way to #skelligmichael today,” he said.

Parts of Episode VII, which is currently in production and is slated to hit theaters in December 2015, are being film on the remote Skellig Michael Island.

Speculation increased because of the link, which Sheamus then addressed indirectly by tweeting a photo of the Irish Mirror’s recent article: “Sheamus set to reveal his Darth side.”

“I cant confirm that i wont not be reprising role of Darth Vader in #StarWars,” the 36-year-old said, referring to how he portrayed Vader for a Star Wars: Episode I promotional tour.

“I hope that’s clear @IrishMirror ;).”

Sheamus then tweeted out a photo of a Darth Vader lightsaber from Mattel.

And he tweeted another picture of a newspaper article, this time from Australia, which reported on the rumors that Sheamus would play Vader.

“Well @eoinmurphy22 hit the nail on the head when he said Darth Vader is headed Down Under… U ready #WWEAustralia?” he said.

There’s no official word about Vader even appearing in Episode VII, so the rumors will likely continue for some time until more information comes out.

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