Sharkeisha Fight Video: Victim in Assault Says She Forgives Her

The victim in the “fight” video showing a Houston-area girl named Sharkeisha beating another said that she forgives her attacker.

ShaMichael Manuel, 17, in an interview, said, “I forgive you” to the Sharkeisha, who is said to be 16.

After the video was uploaded online last month, millions of people watched and shared it.

As of Friday, Twitter users are still making reference to the video, which shows Sharkeisha punching another girl in the face before punching and kicking her on the ground. “I’m gonna go sharkeisha on anyone who makes me get out of the house ever again,” wrote one. 

The attack took place in mid-November, but a video of the attack was uploaded on World Star Hip Hip about a week later, where it was viewed millions of times.

“They’re making jokes, and they’re taunting. They’re glorifying the girl Sharkeisha, but they’re taunting my daughter at the same time,” Michael’s mother, Olivia Henderson, told KHOU.

“A guy down in Houston made a rap video about it,” Henderson told the Huffington Post, adding that people online made horrible comments about her daughter. “I’m not angry at them. As a mother, we want your kids to do right, but I would hope this will be a learning experience.”

She said the girl who videotaped the assault should be held responsible after Sharkeisha was arrested at class for assault, Henderson added.

The two said that Manuel was allegedly lured over to an apartment by Sharkeisha and another girl, adding that she was punched over “a boy.”

Anti-bullying groups also condemned the spreading and glorification of the content of the video.

Luke Roberts with the Anti-Bullying Alliance told the International Business Times that “it is important that young people, the media industry, government and parents work together to make young people feel protected when online.”

“It is important to remind young people that what they put online is permanent and difficult to take down,” he added. “Young people don’t seem to comprehend that what you do at 14 might affect you when you are 19 looking for a job,” he continued.

The video can be viewed here (WARNING: could be disturbing to some).