Shark Week Schedule: Discovery Channel Wraps Up Week With ‘Great White Matrix’, ‘Sharksanity’, ‘Megalodon’

Shark Week on the Discovery Channel is wrapping up this weekend after a week of programming.

Great White Matrix started at 9 p.m. EDT.

“Shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder and shark expert Andy Casagrande head deep into the shark-infested waters of Australia to investigate a series of bizarre shark attacks and capture a great white bite on camera,” the network said in its description.

AAt 10 p.m., Sharksanity is set to air.

The program is a look at “the most insane bites, strikes and close calls from Shark Week 2014,” Discovery said.

On Sunday night, the network will re-air the new program Megalodon: The New Evidence.

“Collin Drake returns to share new details of his case and present the shocking new evidence of the existence of Megalodon, an enormous prehistoric shark that could still be roaming the oceans,” the description reads.

And the last program appears to be Shark of Darkness, which also aired earlier this week.

“Said to be the deadliest great white shark of all time, ‘Submarine’ is a 30 foot great white that has terrorized the shores of South Africa for decades,” Discovery said.

“Locals believe that this shark is responsible for countless fatal attacks, but its existence has never been proven.”


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