Shanxi Teacher Quits the Communist Party

May 17, 2007 12:00 am Last Updated: May 17, 2007 12:00 am

Recently, a Sound of Hope (SOH) radio reporter interviewed a teacher from the northwestern Chinese province of Shaanxi. This teacher, who wishes to remain anonymous, has already quit Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

She said that the serious corruption in the CCP's bureaucracy has led a very bad social trend; people now valued money more than anything else. Social morals have become hopelessly depraved. It is truly frightening.

The following is a transcript of the recorded interview:

The teacher said that many officials from the regime had paid money for their ranks, and that allowed them to do as they pleased. It is not exaggerating to say that every official in this county is corrupt.

(Transcript of the recording:) “The entire society has become money hungry. Everything is valued with money. Social morals have declined. This will not only affect this generation, but will have a terrible impact on future generations as well. This is an era where the evildoers have the upper hand. Sometimes I feel a total darkness and helplessness.

“People use money to get connections to break the law. Ranks and promotions can be bought. You are expected to give valuable gifts to the higher authorities for a promotion whenever there is an opening. The entire nation is corrupt. People who cannot afford an education have become more ignorant. The state officials commit evil deeds, they deceive the people, causing many grievances.”

The teacher also said the corruption of the regime has created many social problems. Many people have been affected by bankruptcies of state-run enterprises, either because the state-owned enterprises have been turned into private businesses for the high-ranking officials, or because of embezzlement by the party cadres. Workers who have been laid-off are facing problems of survival. This is happening everywhere in China.

(Transcript:) “The state properties have become their personal properties. They promote whomever they want to promote. They have turned the state properties into their own cash cows, and then flee the country and leave the people to struggle. It is a common practice. This kind of official is everywhere. The gap between the rich and the poor has become bigger and bigger.”

The regime has just passed its first Real Property Rights Law during its congress at the beginning of this year; this teacher believes the law is actually sheltering the corrupt officials to embezzle public properties.

(Transcript:) Officials obtained their properties through illegal channels, but now they are protected by laws. This makes the people very angry. The poor, who own nothing, have no need for such protection. This private property protection law states that it's illegal to confiscate personal properties. The rich obtained their properties through illegal means. They own many houses, and have huge bank balances. Now you cannot confiscate their 'personal properties.' This law has been set up only for those few rich people. This is so absurd; they play with the law and deceive the people. ”

The teacher is also concerned that the corruption and degenerated social atmosphere will cause moral and spiritual emptiness for university students, which will have a deep impact on China's future.

(Transcript:) “Today's university students are not concerned about the country and its people. They are not diligent. Now there are many selfish children. They have no spiritual support at all. Therefore the country is in chaos. Good people have become bad. Girls are forced into prostitution. The people are extremely poor and have resorted to stealing and thieving.”

At the end of the interview, the teacher said that her heart aches for all these social disorders caused by the corruption of the communist regime. She hopes SOH will make more people recognize the CCP's evilness. She hopes more Chinese people will withdraw from the communist party and its affiliated organizations as soon as possible; only then will they have a brighter future.