Shanwei Shooting Victims' Bodies Were Put in Police Uniforms

December 10, 2005 12:00 am Last Updated: December 10, 2005 12:00 am

Today is the fifth day of the Shanwei shooting event. The authorities are making an effort to shirk the responsibility by blaming the villagers and their representatives.

At around 8 am on December 9, CCP authorities used loudspeakers to repeatedly broadcast the message that it was villagers that first fired on the police and police had to fire back to protect themselves. It was the tear gas bombs that caused three deaths and 8 wounded.

According to a report by Radio Free Asia, villagers saw police putting police uniforms on three villagers' bodies and taking photos. It has also been reported that some bodies were put into police uniforms and transported to the Haifeng cemetery.

From the information provided by villagers, The Public Security Bureau of Shanwei City broadcast an announcement on the morning of December 10 saying that the December 6 incident resulted in three deaths and six wounded. Three representatives of the villagers, Lin Hairu, Huang Xijun, and Huang Xiyin were arrested. Authorities said they planned to arrest other villagers that were involved. One villager said, “In the broadcast, police said it was all caused by the village representatives. Police also claimed that the representatives wanted to blast the power plant. The government is trying to frame them.”

The villagers reported that the city government is working hard to destroy all evidence. A witness sent a letter to The Epoch Times saying, “Police from Shanwei collected bodies of the dead persons and burned them right on the spot. Some bodies were dragged to the cemetery and burned that same night. They just wanted to vaporize the bodies to eliminate any evidence.”

Until now, no news outlet in China has covered this incident at all. Police detained a reporter from Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB) when he tried to report on this event. He was asked to write a letter of repentance. On the website of Beijing's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in the record of the daily news conference on December 8, a question from a reporter about the Shanwei incident was removed.

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