Shantia Marie Dennis Accused of Selling Heroin Via McDonald’s Happy Meals in Pittsburgh

January 30, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Shantia Marie Dennis, a McDonald’s worker in Pittsburgh, was arrested for selling heroin in Happy Meals.

Undercover officers reportedly bought heroin from the McDonald’s from her. They allegedly made the purchase via the drive-thru, reported the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Dennis, 26, was arrested after the district attorney’s Narcotics Enforcement Team caught wind of the alleged heroin scheme.

“The way that the deals would happen is that the customer looking for heroin was instructed to go through the drive-thru and say, ‘I’d like to order a toy,’ ” Mike Manko, who is a spokesman for the district attorney’s office, told the paper. “The customer would then be told to proceed to the first window where they would be handed a Happy Meal box containing heroin.”

An informant pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered a toy before giving her $82. She put heroin bags in the meal box and gave it to the informant, the DA’s office said.

The toy was also in the box.

“The officers would go to drive through, order a happy meal,” Swissvale Police Chief Greg Geppert told WFSB-TV. “They would give two dollars for a happy meal, ask for the boy’s toy, and then give $80, get heroin in the happy meal box.”

Police said Dennis set up the arrangements.

“They’re always finding new ways,” Geppert said. “We’re always trying to keep up with those ways.”