Shanghai Professor Denounced for Criticizing the Chinese Regime

December 4, 2008 Updated: December 4, 2008

Professor Yang Shiqun from Shanghai East China University’s Humanities department has been reported to the Chinese communist regime by his students for criticizing the authorities in class earlier in November. The authorities are now investigating him as a “anti-revolutionary” suspect.

“My boss informed me today that some students from my ‘Ancient Chinese’ class reported me to the Security Bureau and Board of Education for criticizing the government in class, and added that the case is already under investigation,” said Yang in his article titled ‘Students Reported Me as An Anti-Revolutionist.’  “It is pathetic that students will be so unscrupulous as to report a teacher as an anti-revolutionist.”

Yang recalled that he made comments pertaining to aspects of Chinese culture that relate to the class text.  He said he also occasionally referred to contemporary issues with negative comments on the regime. “I distinctly remember that two female students confronted me after class, tearfully accusing me of criticizing Chinese culture and the Chinese government,” he said.

To their accusation, Yang replied that he had the right to speak his mind, and explained that they did not have to take the class if such comments displease them.  “But they went behind my back and reported me and even accused me of other charges.  It was really surprising,” he said.

 “It is ridiculous how something like this could happen in a university in the 21st century,” Yang said.

“Looking back on all the strange events that happened in Chinese schools recently, I pray for China and Chinese people. When will China wake up from its ignorance? When will its education system get back on the right track? When will Chinese students be able to think for themselves?”

His post has sparked intense discussions. Most remarked that they could not understand the actions of these two female students. 

 “I used to think that the days of people being charged of this sort of things were long gone together with the Cultural Revolution,” wrote Zhang Ming, a political critique, in response to the article. “Now I realize that I was too optimistic.  I’ve completely underestimated the effect the government has had on students and teachers.  Even today in an environment where harmony is emphasized, we still have a hostile society where people report on others for anti-revolutionist activity.” 

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