Shanghai Policeman Gu Fenggao, 'Do you not have a mother?'

February 27, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: February 27, 2006 12:00 am

Note: This is the record of Gao Zhisheng's dictation on February 24.

Without a doubt police officer Gu Fenggao has a mother. But when I heard Liu Xinjuan's son, Feng Liangxi's desperate cry on the phone again, I couldn't help but wonder.

Gu is a policeman at Qibao police station in Minghang district, Shanghai. Today he abducted Liu Xingjuan and sent her to the Minghang District Mental Hospital. This is the fourth time he has abducted her.

At 12:15pm today (Feb 24), sounding distressed on the phone Feng Liangxi said, “Attorney Gao, my mother has been abducted and sent to the mental hospital by Gu Fenggao again! She will be detained in the mental hospital and there is nothing I can do about this kind of police conduct!”

In my recent article “Is It Necessary to Have an Enemy for This Kind of Government,” I mentioned a human rights advocate — Liu Xingjuan. She has lost the basic living necessities because of the Shanghai municipal regime's pillaging. After depriving her family of their basic living necessities, this regime's evil power has relentlessly tortured her with the kind of merciless measures that only this administration could dream up. All of this just to stop her from appealing! Liu's fearlessness and perseverance have made the Shanghai regime frantic! They sent her to the mental hospital four times and used unimaginable, inhumane methods to torture her.

She wrote a letter to me stating, “Attorney Gao, I have been tortured. I suffered a living death. Sometimes I was forced to roll back and forth on the floor for hours! I am a normal person but I was pinned down by several of them and was often given the kinds of shots that are administered only to the most serious mental patients. This kind of lawless Shanghai regime has made us often feel so helpless that it seems like there is no end of this terror in sight…”

Gu Fenggao abducted her again today and she was once again forcibly sent to the Minghang District Mental Hospital.

Policeman Gu and policy makers behind him: You also have mothers and wives! You would not dream of using this kind of inhumane means to torture them. If others used this kind of means to torture your mothers and wives, I am sure you would condemn them the same way as we are condemning you. You would even risk your own life to protect them! Yet, you are using this kind of means to torture other peoples' families!

Gu and those like Gu, we are all human beings living in the same era! We sincerely hope everyone in this country, no matter what social or economic position, defends the basic rights of human civilization and upholds the dignity of mankind, thus stabilizing and harmonizing our living environment. This would be beneficial to all of us!

Today, Beijing's policemen, numerous secret police and organized crime thugs are still scrutinizing my office and home. This afternoon, I was on my way to meet reporters from the Associated Press and the Daily Telegraph of England when I noticed secret police cars and motorcycles without license plates and policemen hovering around me. When I reached my destination, they came forward and crowded around me. I took out my video recorder and most of them were panic-stricken and intuitively ran away! Many of the bystanders were amused.

On Feb 24, 2006, in my office in Beijing, I am surrounded by spies and gangsters.