San Francisco Q&A: ‘In what areas is San Francisco ahead of other cities?’

April 3, 2013 Updated: April 12, 2013

The Epoch Times asked Bay Area locals about which areas San Francisco seems to excel in compared to other major cities.

John, 56, real estate appraiser, West Portal


“Recycling. People are able to recycle their trash in a more efficient way than other cities.”

Tashi Dhundup, 37, nonprofit program professional, East Bay


“I think San Francisco is doing pretty well in terms of diversity. And comparatively, economically, maybe San Francisco is doing not that well as compared to New York.”

Darren O’Neill, 51, technology, Twin Peaks


“Social services. We do a lot to help people in need.”

Channing Berry, 41, sales, San Francisco


“I would say probably tech hiring. I’d say they are leading [in that], meaning that they’re creating a lot more opportunities for businesses to come into the city. So, like Twitter, like Facebook, like I work for LinkedIn; we just moved here as well. So, it’s a huge tax incentive for people to come in and start living here in the city, working.”

Toni Lee, 39, website program manager, Noe Valley


“The environmental aspect of San Francisco. I think they’re a leader in recycling programs. Like the composting, … by [2020], they’re supposed to have no garbage. … [That’s the] phasing initiative they did to eliminate garbage.”

Kathy Taylor, 58, Environmental Protection Agency, Berkeley


“I would say that we provide good homeless services. We still need more, but I think, compared to other places, we’re doing a pretty good job.”

Mary Woolsey, 55, environmental activist, Berkeley


“Well, they have an excellent department of the environment, and they’re working on climate-change issues. So that would be an important thing.”