Sex, Lies and Videos

By Yang Kuanxing, Democratic China
December 23, 2006 12:00 am Last Updated: December 23, 2006 12:00 am

A courageous Chinese actress -Zhang Yu, recently launched on the internet an incriminating sex video naming many directors who have demanded sex from aspiring actors. Zhang's scandalous revelations have made the Chinese entertainment industry go very quiet as they wait for the spotlight to pass.

Even before the exposure, the arguments had been heating up in the media. On one side, Zhang Yu accused the directors of being liars; on the other, the famous Chinese director Zhang Jizhong has called Zhang a troublemaker who has taken advantage of the benefits in the entertainment field.

In fact, criticisms from both sides seem reasonable and in this debate, the use of power to extort sex reveals how Chinese society has become so corrupt.

Zhang Yu has been courageous enough to expose the indecent unspoken “rule” of the sex trade in the entertainment circle—if you want to perform, have sex first! After Zhang Yu launched her incriminating sex video the directors went quiet and their previous denials and recrimination stopped. So far, only three sex videos have been made public, although there are rumors that another 10 videos are being kept by one of Zhang Yu's friends.

Zhang Yu openly admits that all the roles she has played on screen were gained by casting couch sex. The videos she provided have been the strongest proof. Without a doubt those directors have not only bypassed professional ethics, they are also suspected of accepting sex bribes. They use power and lies to induce young actresses to have sex with them. This phenomenon has been talked about privately for a long time but the appearance of these videotapes has confirmed this.

The evidence of a receipt between Zhang Yu and He Honggang, the director of “National Pride of Football”, and the videotapes and guarantees, clearly reveal that directors take having sex with actresses as part of the deal to cast them in their roles. On the other hand, actresses also use sex to obtain more benefits.

When we look at these famous actresses portraying upright characters on TV, can we link them with aspiring prostitutes? At the end of movies when we look at the directors credits, can we link them with pimps who don't want to pay for prostitution?

What some in Chinese society are finding hard to accept is the erosion of traditional morals and ethics in which people indulge their lustful vanities. Power, money, and sex are an easy combination to bring on a fast moralistic decline in an individual or a society.

In this crazy world today it seems all possible resources are exploited and used. Does this sex drama only exist in the entertainment industry? Are young beautiful females in positions of sales, public relations, or college students also agreeing to trade sex to further advance their careers?

Today Zhang Yu's videotapes show the decline of Chinese society and the chaos of a time when humans have no natural law left in their hearts.